"Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude."

Colin L. Powell (1937 - )

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do."

Johann Goethe (1749 - 1832)

Branding Backwards

(Formerly Dnarb's Journey)
A Brand's Odyssey Toward Self Discovery.

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Branding Backwards

Out of the Box Solutions


Mark Allen Roberts founded OTB Solutions, LLC (Out Of The Box Solutions) in 2002 in response to companies requesting his advice and experience in sales and marketing leadership. Mark has held a variety of roles on the client side; President, Mark Allen RobertsCOO, Vice President Sales and marketing, New business development manager, product manager, world wide retail division manager, international sales manager, regional manager and Unit sales manager with Frito-Lay. Classically trained in the discipline of sales at Frito -lay and refining his skills and practical knowledge in entrepreneurial environments consistently resulted in explosive sales growth. Mark's passion is growing companies profitably.

Mark is committed to continuous improvement, training, and education. In addition to leading companies mark has taught marketing at a college level, is a public speaker, and author.

What do others say about working with mark?

"Mark combines tremendous sales & marketing acumen with an internal make-up that drives him to improve everything he touches. He has experience in virtually every level of sales & marketing, from large account advertising to mass merchant retail sales. If you are in need of a sales solution, look no further."

Jeff White, Owner, Incept Corporation

"Mark encourages excellence in himself and everyone he works with. He nurtures people while accomplishing goals."

Paulette Hubbard, Owner, Creative Financial Services

"Mark has done a good job for two companies I have invested in and referred to Mark to assist. He has also helped inspire me in my own businesses as I have listened to him about his ideas for these companies I have invested with."

Marcus Sipolt, Founder, TBC

"What I like most, from a consultant's perspective, is Mark's willingness and ability to adopt new technologies to increase sales and reduce costs. Mark absorbs what we have to recommend, and then creatively finds a way to apply it in a more natural way for his market - moving the solution from great to outstanding!"

John-Scott Dixon, President, ThoughtLava

"Working with clients from many industries for over 25 years, finding Mark was a pleasure. Mark is one of a very few that really understands what it takes to execute the marketing and advertising plan. It became quite apparent Mark had the expertise and more importantly, he has worked the marketing gig from BOTH sides of the table. That understanding is invaluable to any company."

Jay Wilson, Chairman/CEO, Real World Marketing

"As VP of Engineering and Quality for VMI, I worked very closely with Mark. He turned VMI Sales and Marketing around in a matter of months and for the first time in many years, VMI made an outstanding profit. Mark is an expert in motivating people and leads his team by example. He always has a positive attitude and works hard to make the company a success."

William Gest, Vice President of Business Development, ESG Engineering

"I had the pleasure of providing administrative support to Mark from February, 1997 to September, 1999. Mark is a highly driven individual whose enthusiasm is contagious to everyone around him. His knowledge of the products and programs in his area of responsibility is second to none."

Karen Jones, Administrative Assistant, Alpha Enterprises

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