"As markets mature and technology changes, there are times when a company requires a new focus that will better suit them in the future"

Jack Trout

"The web is different, instead of one-way interruption, Web marketing is about delivering useful content at just the precise moment that the buyer needs it"

David Meerman Scott

"A critical aspect of success with large numbers of customers lies in listening to them. It's not enough for employees to talk to customers. There must be a way for the fruits of employee conversations to trickle back into an organization's plans."

Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger
The Cluetrain Manifesto

"Social epidemics work in exactly the same way. They are also driven by the efforts of a handful of exceptional people"

Malcolm Gladwell

"Demographics and psychographics are the two essential pillars supporting a successful marketing program"

Micheal Gerber

Branding Backwards

(Formerly Dnarb's Journey)
A Brand's Odyssey Toward Self Discovery.

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Branding Backwards

Out of the Box Solutions


"What came first? The chicken or the egg? "A similar question can be asked ... "what came first sales or marketing?" "We believe marketing plants the seeds of your product or service in the minds of those who have unmet needs. Sales then water those seeds and cultivate and close the crop" - Mark Allen Roberts, OTB Solutions President. We take an intentional approach in all we do, ...and marketing is no acceptation. Far too many client partners are frustrated by how the market defines their product or service. We work with our client partners and make the perceptions they create intentional in reference to their brand, and what it represents.

Failure to strategically align your products and services in the minds of consumers and purchase influencers results in positioning by default. Consumers and those that influence the buying decision have or will have a perceived value of your brand based on random associations and incomplete information.

"We help companies by taking an intentional approach to product and company branding. Our research based, integrated approach, results in strategic plans that use the right marketing disciplines coupled with the latest technology to maximize return on investment. Our goal is not to win awards, but drive sustainable business growth."

Mark Allen Roberts, OTB Solutions President

"Mark has a proven track record of developing and implementing "out of the box" marketing solutions that are innovative, cost effective and, most importantly, produce results. He is a principled, Christian leader who has experience in a variety of market segments. I am certain that he can add value to your marketing activities."

Doug Miller, Owner, Wildfire Ventures, LLC

"Mark was the best boss I ever had. He is a great leader and knows how to bring the most out of his people. His marketing skills are second to none and I learned a lot while working for him. I would recommend Mark to lead anybody's team."

Paul Marnocha, National Sales Mgr./ Product Mgr., Vantage Mobility International

"I worked with Mark as his marketing manager in charge of advertising and PR at VMI. Our efforts drove sales increases exceeding 146% over 12 months. Under Mark's leadership I was able to exceed many professional goals. He gave me the tools that I needed to overcome obstacles and achieve great success. The leadership skills and core values that he instills in the members of his team are priceless."

Melissa Ingram, PR Account Executive, Amendola

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