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Branding Backwards

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Branding Backwards

Out of the Box Solutions: Case Studies

Car Dealership Breaks Records By Serving Others

Arizona Mobility Products makes doing-good good-business.

Phoenix, AZ—This month, Arizona Mobility Products broke its own sales record by tripling its sales in nine months. The Company, which recently decided to enrich the lives of people with physical challenges through its Phoenix retail sales and service center, credits its success to putting customers first.

“We listened to our customers and set out to serve them and it worked,” says Arizona Mobility Products President Mark Roberts. “Many believe serving others is not profitable, but I know it’s simply good business. Be of service first and the revenues will flow," he says.

The Arizona Mobility Products retail store, which opened early 2006, offers the largest inventory of lowered floor wheelchair accessible minivans and full size conversion vans in North America. The Company offers platform lifts for full size vans, scooter lifts and accessories that enable people with disabilities to meet their unique transportation needs.

Arizona Mobility Products President Mark Roberts has a proven history of combining good values and good business. “Mark’s authentic approach and desire to care for his customers has earned him an unusually loyal customer base in every leadership position I have seen him in,” says ThoughtLava President, John-Scott Dixon.

Arizona Mobility Products, the retail division of Vantage Mobility International (VMI), opened its retail mobility dealership in January 2006. The new facility is conveniently accessed from I-10, I-17 and Loop 202 at its 5202 South 28 Place location in Phoenix.

The Company embraced the Certified Mobility Consultants training program; these individuals are specially trained to asses the unique needs, preferences and budgets of people with disabilities. “The Consultants were so helpful about finding the best products for me,” says David (need last name) who has multiple sclerosis and recently traded his beloved Ford Explorer for a used wheelchair accessible mini van from Arizona Mobility Products. “I am very excited that after three years I am able to get what I missed so much—independence.”

As the retail division of VMI, Arizona Mobility Products has served in Arizona for more than 16 years. Its mission is to enrich the lives of people with physical challenges by providing adaptive mobility equipment and vehicles to consumers with physical challenges. Consumers in wheelchairs typically have 25% less income per year and the leading reason is a lack of reliable transportation.

Arizona Mobility Products offers the largest selection of completed Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, and Ford wheelchair accessible mini vans in stock and ready for delivery in North America. Its full sized lowered floor and non-lowered floor Ford E 250 and E350 conversions have more than 150 separate product options available to meet your specific needs.

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