Branding Backwards

(Formerly Dnarb's Journey)
A Brand's Odyssey Toward Self Discovery.

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Branding Backwards

Out of the Box Solutions

Dnarb's Journey Final

New Book by Mark Allen Roberts is a Simple Guide for Sustaining Growth in Business Through Intentional Positioning and Branding

"Dnarb's Journey - a Brand's Odyssey Toward Self Discovery" A new book by Mark Allen Roberts, CEO of Out of the Box Solutions LLC., reveals key strategies to generate explosive and incremental sales and profits in any business.

Scottsdale, Ariz. - Dec. 12, 2007 - Standing out amid a massive sea of competitors in the marketplace is a challenge for any company in today's global business environment. It is no wonder, then, why companies are seeking new ways to strengthen their brand. Failure to strategically align products and services in the minds of consumers and those that influence buying decisions can be detrimental to a company's success. With that understanding, Mark Allen Roberts has captured the essence of branding and positioning in the form of an enlightening story, Dnarb's Journey. Dnarb's character embarks on a journey of self-discovery, and through her experiences readers will learn the core characteristics of building a successful brand.

For more than 23 years, Roberts, CEO of Out of the Box Solutions, LLC has taken companies and their leaders to the next level by taking an intentional approach to product and company branding. From a merchandising idea that generated more than $1.5 million in sales in less than ninety days, to helping a small $2 million plastics company realize sales of $300 million, his values-driven approach to positioning, branding and leadership has consistently generated incremental sales and profits with each company he has helped.

"Far too many business owners are frustrated by how the market defines their product or service. I wrote Dnarb's Journey to help business owners to strategically, intentionally, plant the perceptions they create in reference to their position, their brand, and what it represents," says Roberts.

Dnarb's Journey, "A Brand's Odyssey toward Self Discovery", arms readers with proven "out of the box" strategies to increase the influence of their company's brand in today's marketplace. For a limited time, business owners can download Dnarb's Journey free of charge at .

Robert's tactics empower readers to:

"Dnarb is a classic example of how we too often see things from the wrong perspective. Mark Allen Roberts has a unique ability to cut through all the complexity and transform perceived problems into simple breakthroughs that resonate," says Phil Meyers, President, Pragmatic Marketing. "This book is a classic example of applying his 'out of the box' techniques in the areas of positioning and branding. Business owners will find Mark's presentation of what a brand truly is, to be both enlightening and a simple guide for sustaining growth in their own businesses."

About the Author:
Mark Allen Roberts founded Scottsdale, Ariz. -based OTB Solutions, LLC., in 2002 in response to companies requesting his advice and experience in sales and marketing leadership. His "out of the box" strategies have been used by his clients to sell product and service solutions in a variety of markets and business channels. In addition to helping clients with marketing and sales strategies, Roberts is a thought leader in his field. He has taught marketing at the collegiate level and is an author and public speaker. For more information, and to download your free copy of Dnarb's Journey; visit


Mark Allen Roberts
Out of the Box Solutions, LLC

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